Which AED do you choose?

Contrary to what is often claimed AED's are not all the same, like most things in live.
This website has as purpose to map the different AED's in the market, so that you can choose consciously your lifesaving device within the available brands and models.
Too often and too easy is said that all AED's are more or less the same when it comes to quality, but these statements are made to serve commercial interest of certain manufacturers or are done on a basis of lack of knowledge in the matter. When you take a closer look, you will see that there are big differences in quality between available AED's, like in all products, and the lack of quality can have farfetched consequences. As a buyer and potential user of an AED you should take your time to look closer at the differences between the AED's on offer.

What do you expect as a buyer of an AED? " an as high as possible chance of survival when the device is used to defibrillate a victim of a cardiac arrest " is the only good answer, if not you can better safe yourself the trouble. AED manufacturers have therefore the moral duty to build in all the available technology that you, as a potential user, expect:

  • To guide you through the procedures of the AED in the most effective way
  • Correctly analysing the victims heart rhythm and deliver a shock in the most effective manner
  • To make the devices as reliable as possible and make sure the AED will function when needed

Used method:
This website want to highlight the essential features of each AED, they were chosen in order of their importance. Therefore criteria such as easiness of use, reliability and medical technology were retained. You can select three devices of your choice on the page Compare AED.

The comparisons are set up on basis of the original spec sheets and manuals available by the manufacturers. Each user of this website can verify the authenticity of the data.. Whenever possible we used the manufactures original user manual. However, if some negligences or errors due to change in product specs are detected, we invite the concerned manufacturer to report this to us with the latest manual with the correct specifications. After verification we will amend the site accordingly.

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